Ensure Your Cabinets Lasting Beauty

Your cabinets are built to withstand the test of time. Proper care can help keep them as beautiful and durable as the day they were installed.

Finished Wood Surfaces

Wipe up spills and water marks immediately with a damp cloth then thoroughly dry with a lint-free cloth. Avoid excessive heat, humidity, and aridity, as these conditions can potentially warp or crack wood. Use an emulsion cleaner (such as Murphy's Oil Soap) or mild soap and warm water to clean cabinets. Dry thoroughly. Avoid powdered cleasers, abrasive cleaners, or scouring pads as they can cause the finish to deteriorate. Avoid polishes with petroleum solvents, wax, or silicone. Dish cloths may contain remnants of grease or detergents and should not be used. Never hang damp towels or cloth over any type of cabinet doors, as the moisture can warp and discolor the wood. Over-the-door racks keep wet items too close to door surfaces to ensure damage prevention.

Melamine Surfaces

Use a damp cloth to clean surfaces. Nonabrasive, non-detergent cleaners may also be used by applying them to a clean cloth. Ammonia cleaners can be used if diluted. Avoid turpentine and cleaners with ethyl alcohol, acetone, or acetate. Waxes may cause discoloration. For more stubborn stains, mineral spirits (such as Nature Sol) may be used. Never hang damp towels or cloth over any type of cabinet doors.


Hardware surfaces and joints can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Dry the hardware and surrounding area thoroughly with a soft cloth, and buff with a clean, dry cloth. Cotton swabs may be used to dust hinges. Many metal polishes contain harsh chemicals that can potentially damage the surface of your hardware, and they are not recommended.

Glass and Mirrors

Apply glass cleaner to a towel, not directly to the glass surface. Avoid allowing the cleaner to drip into the base wood. Avoid products (such as those that prevent mildew and fungus) that contain phosphoric acid, sulfur, or sodium hydrochloride. Use non-abrasive cloths.

If you have specific questions regarding the proper care and maintenance, please contact us.

care and cleaning


mild soap - contains no harsh ingredients or detergents
A weak solution of Dawn dish-washing liquid and water is mild and made to cut grease. Ivory Soap Flakes (1/4 cup) and water (2 gallons) is also a good mild solution.

emulsion cleaner - a combination of solvents and oils
Murphy's Oil Soap is an emulsion cleaner that contains no wax, silicones, or petroleum solvents.